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Acting Resume

Neysha mendoza

Soprano | Eye Color: Hazel |   Hair Color: Black

Neysha Mendoza is a Puerto Rican actress, model, singer and journalist. She’s worked both in film and on stage; in and outside of the US. Theatrical credits include Shakespeare, Federico García Lorca, Stephen Adly Gurguis, and María Irene Fornés.



Pink Milk                              Alan Turring   The Theatre School        Frankie DiCiaccio 


Fefu and Her Friends          Fefu                The Theatre School        Mallory Metoxen


Our Lady of 121st Street    Norca              The Theatre School        Ian Martin


Marisol                                 Marisol            The Theatre School       Vero Maynez

On Camera

Serendipia             Carmen                                      Atlantic University        Emmanuel Molina


Amol                     Secondary Character                 Freelance                       Xavier Rivera


McDonald’s           Main character                           McDonald’s PR             David Tavyee


Satisfaction           Featured                                      USA Network                   TV

Training & Workshops

On Camera Acting                 Janelle Snow, Rob Adler            The Theatre School, DePaul 

Improv                                    Rob Adler                                     The Theatre School, DePaul 

Voiceover                               Debra Doetzer                             The Theatre School, DePaul 


Voice Animation                    Phil Timberlake                            The Theatre School, DePaul  

Scene Work                            Lili-Anne Brown                           The Theatre School, DePaul 

Grad Acting                            Dexter Bullard                             The Theatre School, DePaul 

Advance Accent                     Michelle Lopez, Sammi Grant    The Theatre School, DePaul 


Audition                                  Linda Gillum                                 The Theatre School, DePaul 

Special Skills

Aerial Actor, Singer, Basic Knowledge in Guitar, Polyglot, Accents: British, French, “Standard American”, South American, Boston, Russian, Australian, Italian, Nuyorican.

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